Pixel Mind IT is trusted partner for global customers in delivering world class software solutions for tender and bid management. We provide a comprehensive Tender Management solution both on cloud and premise to help increase sales and margins, reduce risk of non-compliance and optimize the lifetime value of awarded contracts.

Our next-gen solution optimizes the process for all tendering requirements through automation and helps remove time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes of tendering and get a complete transparency of your organization's procurement process. It accelerates the procurement process with increased data accuracy whilst requiring fewer resources and costs to operate.

Our solution is an online service that helps suppliers and buyers to interact with each other to achieve prominent efficiency in all aspects of a tendering process. Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, our solution helps an organization in executing an effective procurement strategy and make your procurement or tendering function hassle free.

It takes care of complete procurement life cycle, starting from vendor or supplier registration process till awarding the contract. It enables you to quickly set up 'virtual data rooms' to communicate and share information with project boards, interested parties and individual prospective suppliers. The organization can publish their requirements online through our solution, we enable a login account through which the supplier will review and submit his quote. The Purchasing team can review all quotes related to requirement and forward it to the requested department’s head to review. We added a multiple search options to track the current & previous orders with all related e-documents and process.

Our solution is built on SharePoint based system utilizing document libraries, information management and policies, approval workflows, custom branding, custom forms, metadata management and search. It keeps all registered users informed, distributing email notifications to all bidders when supplier meetings are timetabled, when documentation is uploaded and revised, or when formal responses and points of clarification are added to the searchable FAQ database.

Having an integrated fully automated e- tendering system can save a lot in terms of time, money and speed. Please discuss your needs with us so that we can confirm what can be achieved for you. Any configuration work will be reflected in the accompanying project Statement of tendering activity.

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Provisions multiple currency

User configurable tender rights

Effectively manages tender log actions

Auto email notification for every user

Tracking of the real-time status of tendering process