Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance System

Pixel Mind IT Solutions is a leader in both cloud-based and on premise time and attendance software and systems. We deliver a next gen solution to an age-old problem – tracking and reconciling employee hours

We offer a best in class web and mobile solution focusing on efficiently managing the entire workforce of the company. It is the most effective Free Time & Attendance System with unique features such as Geo-lock Time Clock App, Leave Management and Payroll Generation. It is a SaaS product which aims to solve different pain-points of managers and employees.

Our team of software experts integrates biometric and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) time-clock hardware with employee time and attendance systems. We also utilize latest hardware and software’s on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices to require and implement snapshots of employees upon clock-in and clock-out.

Our developers customize employee attendance-tracker software with time off and accrual modules. These modules track accrued PTO, sick days, and vacation days, and enable time off with custom calendar integrations to identify leave conflicts. We develop web-based, native, and mobile digital time-clock software, which accurately manages and tracks employee hours in real-time. This software also customizes clock time rounding rules, lock clocking to certain locations, and clocking out users automatically.

By adopting our solutions, customers have seen a drastic improvement in employee productivity and accurate payroll generation. Clients are using web, iPad and Mobile application to empower employees and managers to work better, smarter and faster!

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Streamline Time tracking

Our solution’s easy to use interface which gives you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s time attendance data virtually anywhere reducing the number of hours required to process employee time & attendance and automatically calculating total worked hours including overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays.

Eliminate employee time theft

Our solution helps you reduce time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as eliminating buddy punching when using biometric time clocks.

Browser based interface

Allows employees and administrators to easily access the application through a web-browser, maintaining everyone in your company connected and empowering your workforce to operate at peak efficiency.

Payroll export capabilities

Built to interface and automate the process of doing payroll by allowing management to easily transfer time to all payroll, HR software.