Customers Relationship Management

Customers Relationship Management

Pixel Mind IT draws deep enterprise solutions knowledge and experience from our successful engagements across various domains and geographies.

We deliver world class CRM software development and custom features that extend CRM automation and functionality. We optimize your customer lifecycle journey and experience with customer facing applications for membership management, loyalty programs, gifts/offers management, and more.

Our unique solution helps assign, schedule, and track the performance of every credible CRM function including campaign management, lead management, account management, contact management, task and communication management, and feedback management. It comes with in-built validation options to ensure that clients are accurately serviced. A user-friendly interface and other nifty features such as a comprehensive and fast search facility are worked into the design.

Our CRM solution can help you accomplish social media campaign goals by identifying the right consumer timings to deliver messages and precisely segment customers into targeted groups according to customer contact details, past interactions held with the company, customer behavior patterns, spending habits, and many more.We develop the solution for multi-channel engagements such as web, mobile, social, call center, in-person, and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software features.

Also we design CRM databases including contact management, search functions, documents/records management, and integrate disparate data repositories so that you get the best use of your data and discover valuable customer insights and turn them into successful business decisions.

We can augment your CRM functionality with human- interfaces, machine learning functions, industry-specific and best of class tools. It enables sales, marketing and customer support operations to work collaboratively to achieve total customer satisfaction It helps organizations to maintain real time update on every customer and hence identify new revenue opportunities It is very powerful tool to enhance marketing, capture leads, monitor field sales to collectively contribute in increasing business and profitability.

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Layered Services

Our layered approach to services that establishes a foundational layer of company-wide processes and procedures, while also allowing the easy creation of segmented services for specific product lines, customer types, or pilot programs.

Dynamic business changes

Empowers business users to quickly create new processes and services with minimal involvement from IT staff.

Reporting & Analytics

Create customized reports through a simple user interface while getting actionable insights into service rep performance with dashboards.